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Acuiti: ESG – The opportunity for the sell-side

    Highlights and insights:

    β€œThe growth of ESG and its impact on the buy-side has been well documented.  What is less well covered is how the sell-side has evolved to facilitate this increased focus on responsible investment practices. This report seeks to fill that void and focuses on the services that banks are developing and the wider opportunity for the sell-side to accelerate its evolution in the ESG world.

    As ESG moves from the domain of larger or specialist asset managers to a fundamental part of investment, the opportunity for the sell-side to participate in it will continue to grow.

    An Acuiti survey for this report found that 84% of sell-side respondents believed the growth of ESG investing was a significant opportunity to grow their business, and a further 12% believed it presented a small opportunity.

    This report argues that the opportunity lies in product and service development. We focus on three core areas: research, data and quant services; product development and new trading opportunities.”

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