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IRRI: Capital Naturally – Biodiversity

    Highlights and insights:

    “A review of how companies are (and are not) communicating directly to investors about their exposure to and management of issues related to nature & biodiversity – with particular reference to the ways that they contextualise natural capital and biodiversity issues within their business activities.

    To improve the effectiveness of their communications to investors on their exposure to and management of nature & diversity issues, we find that companies should:

    • Identify which of their investors are most interested in natural capital and biodiversity issues
    • Explain clearly to investors (and analysts) the ways in which these issues do (and don’t) relate to the business operations of the company
    • Contextualise nature and biodiversity issues within a materiality matrix that ranks the significance of all

    sustainability issues to your company

    Ensure that discussion of such issues is presented in ‘mainstream’ investor presentations where they threaten to have financial significance and in specialist sustainability presentations where their significance lies primarily on your firm’s impact on the environment rather than the issues impact on your firm’s profitability”

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