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IRRI: Investor interest in biodiversity and biotic natural capital

    Highlights and insights:

    Ahead of COP15, IRRI (for Independent Research in Responsible Investment) has published guidance for companies on which investors are interested in and allocating capital based on the issues of biodiversity and biotic natural capital.

    Having used this guide to identify investor interest, we advise companies to:

    • Shape messages (on their exposure to and management of nature and biodiversity issues)
    • Reach out to asset managers (having first identified the individual analysts with specialist responsibility)
    • Reach out to sustainable investment research providers – with the same interests

    (Note: Any asset managers that would like to edit their firm’s profile and/or add their firm’s commitments and activities to future iterations of this guide should contact Mike Tyrrell)

    Author & access:
    • Author: IRRI
    • Format: Comprehensive report
    • Published: November 2022
    • Access: Download via here