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SRI-Connect: Are companies using their IR webpages to communicate sustainability effectively to investors?

    Highlights and insights:

    “Companies, across sectors and geographies, are not yet using their investor relations webpages effectively to communicate their sustainability exposures and management practices. Companies are missing potential benefits because:

    • ‘Mainstream’ investor interest in sustainability is growing rapidly. So, companies that engage investors on these issues are improving their access to capital, whereas companies that don´t reduce their opportunities,
    • We are all working from home and having to communicate online. Leveraging the corporate website is one the cheapest and easiest ways to support better communications on sustainability issues to investors.

    Our analysis shows that companies either:

    • Are sceptical of the increase in ‘mainstream’ investor interest in their sustainability activities or
    • Recognise this interest but have not yet directed the people responsible for the design of their investor relations webpages to incorporate it properly.”
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